Unmanned  Aerial Vehicles

Semiconductor Processing

We also machine, package, and box hardware kits used for field installation of wind turbines. These kits are delivered ready for crating and shipment to the customer. 

Supply Chain Support We supply parts directly to the factory to meet production goals. 

<  304 Stainless assembly 

            Machined acetal housing and plug   >

                             Anodized aluminum tube   >


Scientific Instrumentation

Renewable Energy       Wind Turbine Manufacturing

^ Pressure cells used in mass spectroscopy

         Indestructible 2 tube traffic counter  >             We make 5 parts for this assembly 

  For  12 years we have been involved in prototyping to production of    >          custom machined parts for camera gimbals used in UAV and fixed                      wing aircraft applications.  We have manufactured literally                  thousands of parts for UAV's .  Electronic and sensor housings,                            camera platforms, brackets of all sizes and types. 



Here are some of the parts and assemblies we manufacture

<  Billet aluminum case for a hand                                 held traffic counter


‚ÄčTest and Measurement Equipment

Food Processing Equipment